The Ab Initio Way

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    Why do we call quantum physics an ab initio model?
    * Quantum physics is based on a few main principles which can be condensed into mathematical formulas. These formulas will predict actions in the quantum sphere. Mathematical formulas such as: Schrodinger’s equation; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle; and De Broglie’s Wave equation.

    Why do we call classical mechanics an ab initio model?
    * For the same reason quantum physics is an ab initio model, that is, mathematical formulas are condensed from a set of principles that cannot be reduced further (in that sphere of influence).

    Is classical electromagnetism an ab initio model (and if it is one, what are its first principles)?
    * Yes, classical electromagnetism is an ab initio model. It is based on the experimentally observed interaction between positively and negatively charged particles, and the magnetic force. Its first principle equations are known as Maxwell’s equations plus the Lorenz equation explaining the force generated during the interaction of charged particles.

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