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    Ab initio way: “recreate the observable facts of Nature in a mathematical model”
    Ab initio methods refer to techniques or approaches that start with fundamental principles and equations, without relying on empirical data or experiment parameters

    1. Quantum physics refer to as an ab initio model
    The fundamental principle of quantum physics is solving the Schr√∂dinger’s equation to calculate the properties of molecules and materials without relying on experimental data as input.

    2. The classical mechanics is not preferred to an ab initio model
    Classical mechanics is based on Newton’s laws of motion and the concept of classical physics, which describes the motion of macroscopic objects.
    It is based on empirical observations and does not attempt to derive its principles from more fundamental considerations

    3. Classical electromagnetism is not preferred to an ab initio model
    The fundamental equations are Maxwell’s equations, which describe how electric and magnetic fields interact and propagate through space.
    These equations are derived based on experimental observations, which are formulated to describe the observed behavior of electric magnetic fields

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